Research Highlights

Domestic Outsourcing in the United States: A Research Agenda to Assess Trends and Effects on Job Quality

February 11, 2016 · Research Highlight
The goal of this paper is to develop a comprehensive research agenda to analyze trends in domestic outsourcing in the United States—firms’ use of contractors and independent contractors—and its effects on job quality and inequality.

UI research highlights from 2015

December 24, 2015 · Research Highlight

Does paid sick leave lead to healthier employees?

November 24, 2015 · Research Highlight

Promise Nation: Transforming Communities through Place-Based Scholarships

November 11, 2015 · Research Highlight
Miller-Adams describes how the various "Promise-type" place-based scholarship programs impact college access, financial aid, and community transformation.

The effect of income on subjective well-being

November 3, 2015 · Research Highlight

Mapping the Promise Nation and its impact

November 3, 2015 · Research Highlight

Where is the shared prosperity?

October 12, 2015 · Research Highlight

Evidence builds on the value of apprenticeships

September 24, 2015 · Research Highlight

New study shows combined federal-local EITC reduces poverty

September 15, 2015 · Research Highlight

Could the ACA reduce workers’ compensation expenses?

August 25, 2015 · Research Highlight