Bridget Timmeney

Bridget Timmeney is a consultant to the Upjohn Institute and previously a long-term employee in both the research and the employment management and services divisions. She currently is leading a qualitative study of Kalamazoo Promise workforce outcomes. Ms. Timmeney assists with business and community alignment and strategic planning related to workforce development and the Kalamazoo Promise, and works with other communities developing place-based scholarship programs. She has assisted in evaluations of state and local workplace literacy programs, developed community and regional benchmark indicators, and was a key investigator on the Kansas City Scholars evaluation. Ms. Timmeney has also completed projects for several communities related to labor market analysis, including an examination of education and talent development systems and how they are linked with economic development initiatives. As lead project manager, Ms. Timmeney has served as the data manager and strategic partner in a local collective impact model aligned around increasing educational outcomes birth to career. She is also a founding member of the local college access network and the founder of the local tax counseling initiative to assist low income individuals with access to the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Care Tax Credit and Homestead Credit. She earned her Master of Social Work in Policy, Planning and Administration at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

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Research shows graduates may move away if there aren't enough good job opportunities nearby. Photo by Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for EDUimages