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Alfonso Flores-Lagunes headshot

Alfonso Flores-Lagunes

Vice President and Director of Research

Lee Adams headshot

Lee Adams

Director of Community Development

Timothy J. Bartik headshot

Timothy J. Bartik

Senior Economist

Kathleen Bolter headshot

Kathleen Bolter

Project Manager, Policies for Place Initiative

Jakki Bungart-Bibb headshot

Jakki Bungart-Bibb

Director, Michigan Works! Southwest

Yuci Chen headshot

Yuci Chen


Ben Damerow headshot

Ben Damerow

Senior Director, Center for Workforce Innovation and Solutions

Randall W. Eberts headshot

Randall W. Eberts

Senior Researcher

Brad J. Hershbein headshot

Brad J. Hershbein

Senior Economist and Deputy Director of Research

Susan N. Houseman headshot

Susan N. Houseman

Senior Economist

Marta Lachowska headshot

Marta Lachowska

Senior Economist and Deputy Director of Research

Iryna Lendel headshot

Iryna Lendel

Senior Director of Regional Economic and Community Development

Michelle Miller-Adams headshot

Michelle Miller-Adams

Senior Researcher

Aaron Sojourner headshot

Aaron Sojourner

Senior Researcher

Beth C. Truesdale headshot

Beth C. Truesdale

Research Fellow

Stephen A. Woodbury headshot

Stephen A. Woodbury

Senior Economist