Susan N. Houseman

As a recognized expert on temporary help employment, outsourcing, and nonstandard work arrangements, Houseman’s research has examined trends in employers’ use of these arrangements and their implications for workers’ wages, benefits, and employment stability.

Her research on outsourcing and offshoring has highlighted measurement problems in U.S. statistics. Her work addresses biases in price indexes, productivity and output growth along with other measurement problems arising from the growth of globalization. Her work on short-time compensation in state unemployment insurance programs has examined work sharing as a tool to mitigate unemployment during recessions. Other research focuses on older workers and retirement issues and comparative labor market policies in Japan and Europe.

Research Highlights

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Domestic Outsourcing in the United States: A Research Agenda to Assess Trends and Effects on Job Quality

February 11, 2016 · Research Highlight
The goal of this paper is to develop a comprehensive research agenda to analyze trends in domestic outsourcing in the United States—firms’ use of contractors and independent contractors—and its effects on job quality and inequality.

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