Iryna Lendel

Iryna Lendel

Senior Director of Regional Economic and Community Development

Iryna V. Lendel is the Senior Director of Regional Economic and Community Development at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.  As a director, she identifies projects that bridge research and policy worlds with practical applications to local and regional economies.

Before coming to the Institute, Lendel was a research associate professor of economic development at Cleveland State University and the Director of the Center for Economic Development, based in the university’s Levin College of Urban Affairs. She earned a Ph.D. in economics from the Lviv Regional Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Science and a second Ph.D. in economic development from Cleveland State.

Lendel has published research in economic development and energy policy and serves as an assistant editor of the journal Economic Development Quarterly. She has produced more than 100 professional reports and has been an invited speaker to more than 40 national and international seminars and conferences over the last ten years.

As a consultant, Lendel has worked with organizations, including the World Bank and the Research Triangle Institute. She speaks four languages and has been named both a Fulbright Research Scholar and a Fulbright New Century Scholar.


  • Regional economics, economic development strategies, regional growth
  • Industry study: clusters, supply chain, and customer chain
  • University-industry collaboration and technology transfer
  • Ecology of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Sustainable planning and energy policy
  • The role of universities in regional economies
  • Economic impact modeling

Research Highlights

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