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Susan N. Houseman headshot

Susan N. Houseman

Vice President and Director of Research

Evan Mast headshot

Evan Mast


Brian Asquith headshot

Brian Asquith


Timothy J. Bartik headshot

Timothy J. Bartik

Senior Economist

Yuci Chen headshot

Yuci Chen


Randall W. Eberts headshot

Randall W. Eberts

Senior Researcher

Brad J. Hershbein headshot

Brad J. Hershbein

Senior Economist and Director of Information and Communications Services

Marta Lachowska headshot

Marta Lachowska

Senior Economist

Michelle Miller-Adams headshot

Michelle Miller-Adams

Senior Researcher

Christopher J. O'Leary headshot

Christopher J. O'Leary

Senior Economist

Jim Robey headshot

Jim Robey

Director, Regional Economic Planning Services

Stephen A. Woodbury headshot

Stephen A. Woodbury

Senior Economist

Research Analysts

Lillian Vesic-Petrovic headshot

Lillian Vesic-Petrovic

Senior Research Analyst

Steve Yesiltepe headshot

Steve Yesiltepe

Research Analyst

Shane Reed headshot

Shane Reed

Research Assistant

Zachary Brown headshot

Zachary Brown

Research Assistant

Gerrit Anderson headshot

Gerrit Anderson

Regional Mapping and Data Visualization Specialist

Katie Bolter headshot

Katie Bolter

Regional Research Analyst

Jing Cai headshot

Jing Cai

Senior Research Analyst

Kenneth Kline headshot

Kenneth Kline

Senior Research Analyst

Isabel McMullen headshot

Isabel McMullen

Research Assistant

Program Staff

Claudette Robey headshot

Claudette Robey

Regional Economics and Workforce Development Specialist

Rich Wyrwa headshot

Rich Wyrwa

Manager of Publications and Marketing

Lisa Abbott headshot

Lisa Abbott

IC/IR Manager

Ben Damerow headshot

Ben Damerow

Director, Michigan Works! Southwest

Justin Carinci headshot

Justin Carinci

Communications Director

Lee Adams headshot

Lee Adams

Director of the Southcentral Michigan Planning Council and Community Development Leader

Don Edgerly headshot

Don Edgerly

Chief Administrative Officer

Brian Pittelko headshot

Brian Pittelko

Promise Research Coordinator

Fellows and Visiting Scholars

Erica Groshen headshot

Erica Groshen

Research Fellow

Morris M. Kleiner headshot

Morris M. Kleiner

Visiting Scholar

Gabrielle Pepin headshot

Gabrielle Pepin

Postdoctoral Researcher


Bridget Timmeney headshot

Bridget Timmeney

Senior Project Consultant

Kevin M. Hollenbeck headshot

Kevin M. Hollenbeck

Economist Consultant

H. Allan Hunt headshot

H. Allan Hunt

Economist Consultant

George A. Erickcek headshot

George A. Erickcek

Regional Consultant