Reports and Presentations

Research teacher photo from Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

Helping America’s Distressed Communities Recover from the COVID-19 Recession and Achieve Long-Term Prosperity” (September 2020)
Timothy J. Bartik

Reviving Distressed Communities” (September 2020)
Timothy J. Bartik

The Aftermath of the Pandemic Recession: The Role of Economic Development Policy” (July 2020) Timothy J. Bartik

Place-Based Strategies” (July 2020)
Timothy J. Bartik, Simon Johnson, Mark Muro, and Susan Wachter

The Promise Landscape in Michigan,” Presentation to the Michigan Political Leadership Program (July 2020)
Michelle Miller-Adams

How Communities Can Connect Economic and Skills Development,” Presentation to Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy (July 2020)
Timothy Bartik, Brad Hershbein, and Michelle Miller-Adams

Evaluating the Kansas City Scholars College Scholarship Program: Year Three Report” (April 2020)
Kevin Hollenbeck, Bridget F. Timmeney, Brad J. Hershbein, and Shane Reed

“Should Place-Based Jobs Policies Be Used to Help Distressed Communities? Yes, but current policies need reforms.” (November 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik

“What Should States Do about Incentives?” (September 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Costs and Benefits of a Revised Foxconn Project” (July 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Place-Based Jobs Policies” (June 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Michigan Business Development Program Effectiveness Study” (January 2019)
Timothy J. Bartik, Jim Robey, Ellen Harpel, et al.

“Incentive Benefits and Costs” (October 2018)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Evaluating the Kansas City Scholars College Scholarship Program: Year Two Report” (February 2019)
Bridget Timmeney, Kevin Hollenbeck, and Brad J. Hershbein

“Helping Manufacturing-Intensive Communities: What Works?” (May 2018)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Promise Programs, Emergency Aid, and Strategies for College Retention” (February 2018)
Brad J. Hershbein

“Learning from a Decade of College Promise Scholarships” (October 2017)
Michelle Miller-Adams and Brad J. Hershbein

“Kansas City Scholars Program: Year One Report” (September 2017)
Bridget Timmeney, Brad J. Hershbein, Kevin Hollenbeck, Michelle Miller-Adams, and Nathan Sotherland

“A New Panel Database on Business Incentives for Economic Development Offered by State and Local Governments in the United States” (February 2017)
Timothy J. Bartik

“Labor-Demand-Side Economic Development Incentives and Urban Opportunity” (2016)
Timothy J. Bartik