Jointly Funded Collaborative Studies

Research teacher photo from Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

In 2014, the Upjohn Institute was awarded a Lumina Foundation grant to study post-secondary and community outcomes of Promise programs. The working papers produced in part by that grant are listed here:

1. The effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on college enrollment and completion.  The Journal of Human Resources (2019) Also available as a working paper.
Bartik, Timothy J., Brad Hershbein, and Marta Lachowska

2. Evaluating the effects of universal place‐based scholarships on student outcomes: The Buffalo “Say Yes to Education.” Program. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 38 (2019)
Robert Bifulco, Ross Rubenstein, and Hosung Sohn

3. The Impact of the New Haven Promise Program on College Enrollment, Choice, and Persistence. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation (2016)
Lindsay Daugherty and Gabriella C. Gonzalez

4. The promise of place-based investment in postsecondary access and success: Investigating the impact of the Pittsburgh Promise. Education Finance and Policy  (January 2018)
Lindsay Page, J.E. Iriti, D.J. Lowry, and A.M. Anthony

5. Start to Finish: Examining the Impact of the El Dorado Promise on Postsecondary Outcomes.  EDRE Working Paper No. 2018-02 (March 30, 2018)
Elise Swanson and Gary Ritter

6. Assessing the Effects of Place Based Scholarships on Urban Revitalization: The Case of Say Yes to Education. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Volume 39, No. 2, (June 2017) 
Hosung Sohn, Ross Rubenstein, Judson Murchie, and Robert Bifulco

In 2017, the Upjohn Institute was awarded a Strada Education Network grant to study workforce outcomes of Promise programs. The production of working papers and summary documents as part of this grant are underway. To be notified of their release, contact: Michelle Miller-Adams