Tim Bartik provides Senate insight on economic development policies

Tim Bartik mug

Upjohn Institute Senior Economist Tim Bartik shared insights from his research to help the Michigan Senate improve economic development policies.

Bartik presented Thursday, March 2 to the Senate Committee on Economic and Community Development, chaired by Sen. Mallory McMorrow. The presentation was recorded and video is now available.

Bartik's presentation is titled "Increasing the Benefit-Cost Ratio for Michigan's Economic Development Policies." In his research, Bartik notes several ways to increase return on economic development investments, such as

  • Funding customized business services
  • Providing incentive payments up front and including clawbacks
  • Targeting mid-wage occupations and distressed local labor markets

He details steps to attract and retain college graduates, improve tax incentives and add jobs that increase the employment rate.

The presentation slides and testimony from Bartik's presentation are available to download. For more on Bartik's research, see the links under "Related Information."

Date: February 28, 2023