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Women's jobs recovery loses ground to men's: New Hires Quality Index

October 6, 2021
Women's share of earnings power of all new hires sees sharpest decline since Great Recession

Upjohn Institute hosts research workshop on financing Unemployment Insurance

April 23, 2021
First of a two-part series about the central role of financing the Unemployment Insurance system

Upjohn Institute announces 2021 Early Career Research Awards

April 13, 2021
Sixteen researchers received awards totaling $80,000 to carry out policy-relevant research on labor market issues.

Jobs recovery uncertain for the most fragile workers: New Hires Quality Index

March 31, 2021
The share of the earnings power of all new hires held by part-time workers is near a record low.

Stronger employment recovery in Midwest than South: New Hires Quality Index

March 3, 2021
Because of the Midwest's faster growth in the wage index, the region’s recent hires are predicted to have higher earnings as well.

Kalamazoo Promise statistics for 2020: Enrollment down for community colleges, up for 4-year colleges

February 25, 2021
Updated usage and success measures for the Kalamazoo Promise have been posted at