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WMU Sichel Lecture Series continues on Wednesday, February 26 with a presentation by Rachel Connelly

February 24, 2020
"A Comparison of U.S. Parents' Time with Children by Child Gender and Family Structure"

Western Michigan University's Werner Sichel Lecture Series

November 15, 2019
Series continues on Wednesday, November 20 with a presentation by Professor Wendy Manning of Bowling Green State University.

2019 Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award winners

November 5, 2019
Awardees Sydnee Caldwell, Sarah H. Bana, Giulia Giopponi

Black workers not sharing in earnings gains: New Hires Quality Index

October 31, 2019
Black workers aren't sharing earning gains: New Hires Quality Index

Institute staff participate in 2019 APPAM Fall Research Conference

October 31, 2019
Upjohn researchers contribute to six sessions

Brad Hershbein presents at Harvard Data Science Initiative conference

October 22, 2019
Upjohn Institute's Brad Hershbein presents at Harvard data conference

Minority new hires near majority: New Hires Quality Index

October 2, 2019
Share of minority hires age 25 to 54 up nearly 10 percentage points

Upjohn Institute's Tim Bartik testifies to New Jersey Senate on incentives

September 6, 2019
Other policies can be 10 times more effective