Job Skills & Standards

Workers need specific job skills to meet industry standards.

As technology changes and skilled workers retire, employers, especially in manufacturing, struggle to find workers with the skills needed to help them expand their operations and improve productivity.

Upjohn research has investigated skills gaps and recommended reforms to education and job training to help reduce them.

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Introduction and Previous Research

January 1, 2003 · Research

Introduction [to Training That Works]

January 1, 2003 · Research

Workplace Education for Low-Wage Workers

January 1, 2003 · Research

Targeting Employment Services

January 1, 2002 · Research

Introduction [to On-the-Job Training]

January 1, 1997 · Research

On-the-Job Training

January 1, 1997 · Research

Employer Motives for Investment in Training

November 15, 1996 · Research

Return on Investment for Workplace Education

September 27, 1996 · Research