Upjohn economists participate in 2019 Society of Labor Economists annual conference

Upjohn senior economists Stephen Woodbury and Marcus Dillender are participants in the 24th Annual Conference of the Society of Labor Economists, which is being held May 3–4 in Arlington, VA.

On Friday, May 3 at a 1:30 poster session, Woodbury presents "The Long-Term Effects of Job Search Assistance for Displaced Workers," by Marta Lachowska, Merve Meral, and Stephen Woodbury.

On Saturday, May 4, during session E1: Affordable Care Act, Dillender presents "How Did the ACA's Medicaid Expansion Affect Demand for Health Care Workers? Evidence from Vacancy Postings." Dillender also chairs session G9: Labor Market Conditions.

Date: May 1, 2019