Houseman presents on future of work for Statistics Canada

Susan Houseman webinar still

The Upjohn Institute’s Susan Houseman was featured in a webinar Sept 10 from Statistics Canada, the country’s national statistics office. Houseman spoke on a panel “The Future of Work in the Era of Digitization” and her talk was titled “Uncertain Future: Understanding the Employment Impacts of Technical Change and Forming Policy Responses.”

Houseman’s presentation aimed to give direction for policymakers trying to reckon with the pace of technological change and how it will affect the workforce. “I think the sensible policy prescription today should focus on general principles, ensuring basic systems are in place to help workers,” Houseman said.

She offered evidence from research on education, workforce development and employment regulations and protections relevant to the future workforce.

Houseman’s presentation begins at the 36:20 mark.

Watch the webinar (instant registration).

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Date: September 13, 2019