How to Make Sustainable Investments in Communities

Place matters. In the US, some cities and states are thriving, while others have been left behind. State and local policymakers have taken a leading role in designing policies and programs that aim to build resilient communities, develop skilled workforces, and create good jobs. But because resources are limited, it is crucial for policymakers to identify effective programs and put them on a sustainable financial footing. Which policies can state and local governments enact to maximize their impact within constrained budgets? And once implemented, how can these programs be sustained to create broadly shared prosperity – for today and far into the future?

Previous Reports

Bridging Research and Practice to Achieve Community Prosperity

The fourth annual report of the Promise: Investing in Community major research initiative, “Bridging Research and Practice to Achieve Community Prosperity,” offers strategies to create good jobs and guidance for local and state policymakers to implement them.

A Moment of Opportunity: Strategies for Inclusive Economic Growth

In the third annual report, we offer practical strategies for communities and states seeking to promote broadly inclusive growth through good jobs.

Investing in Community: A Playbook for Connecting Economic and Skills Development

This second annual report provides practical advice for community leaders and policymakers around four critical issues: defining local needs, linking job creation and skills development, local leadership, and evaluation.

Building Shared Prosperity: How Communities Can Create Good Jobs for All

The initiative marked its first year with a wide-ranging report, Building Shared Prosperity: How Communities Can Create Good Jobs for All, intended to inform grassroots strategies for small and medium-sized cities and rural regions.