The National JTPA Study



The National Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Study examines the impact of Title II-A of JTPA on participants’ employment, earnings, and welfare receipt.

Data Summary

The National JTPA Study was funded by the U.S. Department of Labor to evaluate the effectiveness of employment and training programs funded under Title II-A of the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982, which is targeted to serve economically disadvantaged adults and youths.

The sample consists of over 20,000 adults and out-of-school youths who applied for JTPA in 16 local areas across the country between 1987 and 1989. They were assigned randomly to either a program group or a control group. Program group members were eligible to receive JTPA services, while control group members were not eligible for JTPA services for 18 months.

The study compares the subsequent earnings and employment outcomes of these two groups, measured through follow-up surveys and administrative records obtained from state unemployment insurance agencies.

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  • National JTPA Study public use files: abt_njs_publicuse.doc and abt_njs_publicuse_addendum_032503.doc
  • Codebooks for individual data sets are contained in the following subfolders of the “Documentation” folder: analysis, enpfup, expbif, expfup1, expfup2, expmon, irs
  • Additional data documentation: enp_sample_design_031003.pdf, njs_cd_contents_032503.doc, enp_screener.: df
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  • JTPA data sets are provided in three formats: SAS Export files (.xpt), SAS for Windows files (.sd2 or .sd7), and Stata files (.dta)
  • The datasets are located in the following data directories: analysis, enpfup, expafdc, expbif, expfdst, expfup1, expfup2, expmon, expuiw, irs, lbs, replacement_files, UI, and SSA.
  • The root contains the datasets in Stata and SAS for Windows formats, while the “Upjohn Institute Created Files” subfolder contains the datasets in SAS export format. All files are zipped.
  • Dataset contents and variable means are located in the “Upjohn Institute Created Files\Contents & Means” subfolder within each data directory


  • A Summary of the Design and Implementation of the National JTPA Study, Fred Doolittle et al., Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, August 1993
  • The National JTPA Study: Title II-A Impacts on Earnings and Employment at 18 Months, U.S. Department of Labor, Research and Evaluation Report Series 93-C, 1993
  • The National JTPA Study: Impacts, Benefits, and Costs of Title II-A, Larry L. Orr et al., Abt Associates, March 1994
  • Executive summary from the Doolittle’s summary report

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Final Report

A Summary of the Design and Implementation of the National JTPA Study Fred Doolittle, with Steve Bell, Howard Bloom, George Cave, James Kemple, Larry Orr, Linda Traeger, and John Wallace, Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation
August 1993
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