Upjohn Regional Datahub for economic development indicators unveiled

Hands at a laptop displaying the Upjohn Regional Datahub

The Upjohn Regional team today launched the Upjohn Regional Datahub, an accessible interactive display of economic development indicators for counties in southwest Michigan and across the state.

The Datahub features two panels. The first, State of the Region, provides the latest labor force information on job openings, wages and measures including the unemployment and labor force participation rates.

For each measure in this dashboard, users can select a county and compare it with Michigan as a whole, getting a visual glimpse of, for example, Kalamazoo County’s labor force participation rate compared to the state rate.

Workforce Indicators, the second panel, offers a snapshot of a county’s workers, including their education level, wages and living situation.

The Datahub is powered by Upjohn Regional and draws the latest available data from government and private sources. Data are available free of charge and can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format. The Upjohn Regional team also works with clients who need additional analyses.

The Upjohn Regional Datahub is the first product of its kind focused on southwest Michigan and the only to offer county-by-county comparisons of the data categories it provides. The Datahub should prove valuable to reporters examining labor market trends in detail, to businesses seeking to open or expand locations, and to organizations seeking to match local workers’ skills with employer demands. More panels including data on businesses and equity will be released in the coming months.

“At Upjohn Regional, we pore through mounds of data each month on local economic conditions,” said Iryna Lendel, senior director of Upjohn Regional. “We use it to understand the local labor force and in client work but, until now, most of it hasn’t been accessible to the public.

“The Upjohn Regional Datahub brings these data to everyone in an attractive, graphic-heavy format people can use to inform their decision-making or to give themselves the information to better understand their communities and state.”

Have thoughts on the Upjohn Regional Datahub? Contact the Upjohn Regional team.

Date: January 23, 2024