Michelle Miller-Adams opinion piece on tuition-free education in New York Times

Michelle Miller-Adams portrait

The New York Times published an opinion piece from Michelle Miller-Adams, an Upjohn Institute senior researcher. Titled "We need tuition-free college. For adults," the piece was published online Thursday, May 14 and ran in the May 15 print edition.

In the piece, Miller-Adams argues that a national, federally funded program that enables any adult without a degree to return to college or earn a comparable credential without paying tuition could accelerate an economic recovery now.

Such a program, Miller-Adams writes, would cost around $5 billion over four years. "Five billion dollars may sound like a lot of money," she concludes. "But it is a small price to pay to improve prospects for workers and businesses alike, in both the short and long term."

Date: May 15, 2020
Categories: Commentary