Marta Lachowska and Marcus Dillender present papers at the 2017 SOLE Annual Conference

The Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) hold their Annual Conference on May 5–6 in Raleigh, NC and two Upjohn Institute senior economists will be presenting papers there. They are:

Friday, May 5, 10:00 am: Session B.1. Displaced Workers
Marta Lachowska – "Sources of Displaced Workers' Long-Term Earnings Losses" (coauthored with Alexandre Mas and Stephen Woodbury)

Saturday, May 6, 10:00 am: Session E.4. Drivers of Employment & Health
Marcus Dillender – "Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Part-Time Employment: Early Evidence" (coauthored with Carolyn Heinrich and Susan Houseman)

Date: May 2, 2017