Listen to Tim Bartik discuss Foxconn's incentives deal with the State of Wisconsin on Wisconsin Public Radio

Tim BartikInstitute senior economist Tim Bartik discusses what Foxconn's deal with the State of Wisconsin means for the state’s labor market and fiscal health with Carrie Kaufman on Wisconsin Public Radio's "The Morning Show." Did Wisconsin give away too much to land Foxconn's new plant? What is the cost per job created and how does that compare to other economic development incentive packages? Can Wisconsin afford to give similar incentive deals to other companies, such as has been proposed in Wisconsin to retain jobs at Kimberly-Clark? What is a plausible “job multiplier” for the jobs created at Foxconn? To what extent will Wisconsin residents get the new jobs created? What consequences do Foxconn-style deals have for a state’s fiscal health? Listen to Bartik address these questions and more.

Foxconn: The Job Market and Government Incentives

Date: August 27, 2018