Announcing the 2020 Early Career Research Award (ECRA) Winners

ECRA awards

The Institute is awarding 15 Early Career Research Awards for 2020. This year's awardees are:

  • Jaime Arellano-Bover, Yale University. "The Role of Firms in the Assimilation of Immigrants"
  • Jacob Bastian, Rutgers University. "The Effects of the EITC on Maternal Labor Supply"
  • Katarzyna Bilicka, Utah State University. "Labor Market Consequences of Anti-tax Avoidance Policies: Evidence from the UK Worldwide Debt Cap"
  • Eric Chyn, Dartmouth College. "The Great Migration, Place Effects, and Children's Education"
  • Jonathan Colmer, University of Virginia. "Economic Opportunity and the Environment"
  • Matthew Gibson, Williams College. "Employer Market Power in High- and Low-Earning Jobs
  • Oded Gurantz, University of Missouri. "The Impact of Eliminating Aid Toward For-profit Enrollment on Educational Outcomes"
  • Andrew Johnston, University of California, Merced. "The Effect of Undocumented Labor on Society: Evidence from the E-Verify Program"
  • Felix Koenig, Princeton University, Giulia Giupponi, London School of Economics, and W.D. Parker, London School of Economics. "The Determinants of Performance-pay Utilisation by Firms and Its Consequences for Firm Behavior, Performance, and Employee Outcomes"
  • Andreas Kostol, Arizona State University. "Consumption Networks and Local Economic Shocks"
  • Conrad Miller, University of California, Berkeley. "Why Are Larger Employers More Racially Diverse?"
  • Michael Poyker, Columbia University. "Why Aren't People Leaving 'Janesville'? Industry Persistence, Trade Shocks, and Mobility"
  • Andria Smythe, Howard University. "The Impact of Economic Conditions during Young-Adulthood on Racial Differences in Human Capital Outcomes"
  • Evan Starr, University of Maryland. "The Effects of Noncompetes on Workers and Employers: Evidence from a Large Field Experiment"
  • Riley Wilson, Brigham Young University. "The Impact of State Borders on Mobility and Regional Labor Market Attachments" 

More details on our ECRA program, including lists of past winners