Geoffrey Parker

Professor of Engineering

Dartmouth College

Geoffrey Parker is a professor of engineering at the Thayer School of Dartmouth College where he also serves as director of the Master of Engineering Management Program. His research explores the economics of and strategy of platform markets and two-sided markets.

Parker and his colleague, Marshall Van Alstyne co-authored the book Platform Revolution. They were recently awarded the 2019 Thinkers50 “Digital Thinking Award” for work on two-sided markets and the “inverted firm” whereby firms leverage network effects through external ecosystems, shifting value creation from inside to outside.

Parker is a visiting scholar and fellow at the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy, where he also co-chairs the annual MIT Platform Summit and the annual BU Platform Research Symposium.  

In 2019 Parker was awarded a grant from the Sloan Foundation to investigate the role of platforms in changing outsourcing relationships, labor markets, and worker outcomes. In 2020, he was elected as a Fellow of the Production and Operations Management Society and joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Advanced Manufacturing and Production.