Françoise Carré

Research Director, Center for Social Policy

University of Massachusetts Boston

Françoise Carré is Research Director of the Center for Social Policy (CSP) at University of Massachusetts Boston.  Her policy relevant work includes studies of retail employment, community-based job brokers in the U.S., and research on international statistics and representation issues for informal workers in developing and developed countries.

Françoise has edited numerous publications, including The Informal Economy Revisited, an open-access book, and Nonstandard Work, a research volume for the Labor and Employment Research Association. She is co-author of Where Bad Jobs Are Better:  Retail Jobs Across Countries and Companies, with Chris Tilly.

Currently, she studies the outsourcing of technology adoption and implementation in store-based retail (with C. Tilly).  Another current project is a multi-year collaboration about cross-national statistics on informal work and organizations of informal workers with the global research and policy network WIEGO.

Her research has been funded by the C. S. Mott Foundation, Ford Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, the Gould Foundation for the Paris School of Economics, and the U.S. Department of Labor.