Adam Seth Litwin

Associate Professor of Labor Relations, Law and History

Cornell University

Adam Seth Litwin is Associate Professor of Labor Relations, Law and History in the Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) School at Cornell University and serves as an associate editor at the ILR Review.  His research examines technological change and the determinants and impact of labor relations structures.  Litwin also writes on issues involving technological change, work, and workers in the healthcare sector.  His publication, “Superbugs vs. Outsourced Cleaners: Employment Arrangements and the Spread of Health Care–Associated Infections,” is particularly relevant to the COVID pandemic. Prior to joining the ILR faculty, Litwin was a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, where he held appointments in the Carey Business School and the School of Medicine. 

In the 2021 academic year, Litwin will serve as the J. William Fulbright Visiting Professor of Work and Organizational studies at the University of Sydney to study the impact of technological change on work and workers across Australia.  He has been honored by the Aspen Institute, the Sloan Foundation, and the Labor and Employment Relations Association.