Documenting Programmatic Interventions

Upon announcement of a Promise program a range of actors and stakeholders may respond in many ways, such as by implementing new programs, changing resource allocation or intensity, forming new partnerships, or shifting focus and attention to different issues. It may be important to document these ecosystem shifts in order to later understand outcomes data.

Key areas to attend:

  • Availability of high school to college bridge programs/school year transition programs/senior year transition courses
  • Early assessment and intervention programs that are developed
  • Programming aimed at "college knowledge," including college visits and summer outreach programs
  • Development of programming around career interests and links between careers and educational pathways (internships, partnerships with employers)
  • College readiness programs
  • Embedded college and career counseling
  • College assessment (SAT/ACT) programs-test preparation, financial aid for fees, increased access through "SAT Days"
  • FAFSA completion and support system
  • College application process supports
  • Presence of summer bridge programs

Documentation of the nature of the programming or resource shifts, including when the change was made and for whom, could increase the power of outcomes data that are obtained at a later date.