How To Use NHQI Index

The interactive NHQI tool allows the user to chart and download different series of the NHQI.

First, choose what index type you want from the drop-down box in the upper left. There are four types: the wage index itself, the monthly count of new hires, the wage bill (which is the wage index multiplied by the number of new hires), and the number of new hires per-capita.

Next choose the start date and end date for the series; by default the start date is January 2008 (although the Index goes back to January 2001) and the end date is the most recent month available.

You can then choose up to three groups to compare from the drop-down boxes in the upper right. By default, the first group is set to all new hires.

Finally, you can toggle the checkbox at the bottom to switch between the actual value of the series and a version that normalizes the series to a value of 100 in 2005; the latter allows you to easily see percentage changes from that year.

Right clicking on the chart will give you options to download the data from your selections.