Evaluating The Effectiveness of Labor Programs in Poland

April 1998


  • To discern the net impact on employment and earnings for five main active labor programs
  • To determine the net effect of ALP participation on receipt of unemployment insurance

Data Summary

The Poland public use data (1997) were compiled to evaluate the effectiveness of Active Labor Programs (ALPs) in Poland.

Local labor offices in 8 voivods (provinces) across Poland conducted interviews of the selected samples between February and April 1997. Program participant samples were randomly selected for four ALPs (retraining, public works, intervention works, and self-employment assistance). Comparison group samples were strategically selected for each program sample by matching each individual in the program samples with the most similar individual from the local unemployment register that had never participated in an ALP. Data for each individual were obtained from in-person interviews, with additional administrative information from the unemployment register and the National Labor Office in Poland.

The data file includes:

  • Record identification
  • Demographic information
  • Survey/interview variables
  • Program assessment/outcome variables
  • Created variables

The file contains 14,357 observations with record length 296. Since the comparison group was not randomly assigned, a second comparison group containing 10,000 randomly selected observations is provided as a separate data file. This second comparison group sample does not include survey data, it contains administrative data only.

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  • Random data set
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  • Public.sas - Program to read ASCII version of Poland data set into SAS
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Active Labor Programs in Poland, Upjohn Institute Technical Report No. 98-012, June 1998
  • Executive summary
  • Errata memo
  • Poland Public Use Documentation, including file layouts and variable means
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Final Report

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Active Labor Programs in Poland Christopher J. O’Leary, Senior Economist
Upjohn Institute Technical Report No. 98-012, June 1998
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