Evaluating The Effectiveness of Active Labor Programs in Hungary

November 1998


  • To discern the net impact on employment and earnings for five main active labor programs
  • To determine the net effect of ALP participation on receipt of unemployment insurance

Data Summary

The Hungary public use data (1997) were compiled to evaluate the effectiveness of Active Labor Programs (ALPs) in Hungary.

A sample of participants in each ALP (individual retraining, group retraining, public service employment, and wage subsidy) were randomly selected from those leaving the programs in the second quarter of 1996. For the small self-employment ALP, all participants from the first three quarters of 1996 were selected. A single comparison group was randomly selected from those entering the unemployment register in the second quarter of 1995. Interviews of the whole sample were conducted in person during April 1997 in 10 counties across Hungary by staff from the local labor centers. Data from the interviews were combined with data from administrative records to create the public use data file.

The data file includes:

  • Participant characteristics
  • Unemployment register information (previous employment, education, unemployment data)
  • Interview data (ALP participation data, employment services used, current employment, monthly earnings, household information)
  • Derived variables based on survey and unemployment register data
  • Unemployment insurance data

The file contains 9,219 observations with a fixed record length of 497

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  • Hungary data set
  • Matched comparison group samples: ES, PSE, Startup, Traingrp, Trainind, Wagesub
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  • Public.sas to read Hungary.dat file into SAS
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Active Labor Programs in Hungary, Upjohn Institute Technical Report No. 98-013, November 1998
  • Executive Summary from Technical Report No. 98-013
  • Hungary Public data documentation
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