2018 Early Career Research Award (ECRA) Winners


  • Arenas-Arroyo, Esther - University of Oxford "Labor Market Impacts of Granting Access to Driving Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants"
  • Button, Patrick - Tulane University "Do Disability Discrimination Laws Help Individuals with Disabilities? Evidence from State Laws"
  • Cook, Jason - University of Pittsburgh "SNAP and Labor Supply"
  • Garlick, Robert - Duke University "Job Search, Matching, and Hiring with Two-Sided Limited Information about Workseekers' Skills"
  • Harris, Timothy - Illinois State University "Do SNAP Work Requirements Work?"
  • Kahn, Mashfiqur - Tulane University "Do Stronger Disability Discrimination Laws Decrease the Spillover Effects of Social Security Reforms on SSDI Application and Enrollment?"
  • Kofoed, Michael S. - United States Military Academy "[Job] Locked and [Un]loaded: The Effect of the Affordable Care Act Dependency Mandate on Job Lock in the U.S. Army"
  • Lalé, Etienne - Université du Québec à Montréal "Understanding the Evolution of Multiple Jobholding in Canada and the United States"
  • Litwok, Daniel - Abt Associates "Comparing Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Methods in Evaluations with Multiple Treatment Arms: Insights from the Health Profession Opportunity"
  • Liu, Kai - Cambridge University "Trade Shocks, Heterogeneous Human Capital, and Occupational Mobility"
  • Lopresti, John - College of William & Mary and Greenland, Andrew - Elon University "Unringing the Bell? The Asymmetric Effects of Trade Policy"
  • Polyakova, Maria - Stanford University and NBER "Social Insurance and the Labor Markets: Evidence from Long-Term Care"
  • Schaller, Jessamyn - University of Arizona "Local Economic Conditions, Employment Status, and the Intergenerational Transfer of Money and Time"
  • Schmidpeter, Bernhard - University of Essex "The Distributional Effects of Parental Job Loss on Long-Term Labor Market Outcomes"
  • Traiberman, Sharon - New York University "Globalization, Trade Imbalances, and Labor Market Adjustment" or "Foxes and Hedgehogs: The Role of Personality in Labor Market Adjustment" (w/Matthew Grant - Princeton University)
  • Yasenov, Vasil I. - University of California, Berkeley "The Impacts of Immigration on the Wage Distribution Using Both Reduced-Form and Structural Approaches"

Information on how to apply for a 2019 Early Career Research Award will be announced in Fall 2018. Learn more about the program.