Institute's ASSA exhibit booth to feature two new databases, new and recent books

The Allied Social Science Associations (including the American Economics Association) holds its 2018 Annual Meetings in Philadelphia on January 5–7. The Upjohn Institute will man an exhibit booth (#406) January 4–6 at which you can demo two new databases created by Upjohn staff:

  • Panel Database on Incentives and Taxes – This unique database was developed by Institute Senior Economist Tim Bartik and offers the most comprehensive information available to date on incentives to business for economic development provided by state and local governments in the United States. PDIT contains data on incentives and taxes for 33 states and 45 industries for the past 26 years, and it can be used to analyze how levels of business incentives and business taxes vary between states, vary by industry, and have changed over time.
  • New Hires Quality Index – Developed by Institute economist Brad Hershbein, NHQI draws on publicly accessible data from the Current Population Survey and Occupational Employment Statistics and matches newly hired workers to their wages by occupation, which is more closely tied to skill demand than measures based on industry. The database accounts for changing demographics of hires, can be consistently constructed from 2001 forward overall and for subgroups, does not rely on self-reported wages, and will be updated monthly. It should serve as a valuable new tool in gauging realized labor demand. The interactive NHQI tool allows the user to chart and download different series of the NHQI.

We'll also have all new and recent books on display including:

Date: December 22, 2017