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[Social Security and Pension Reform] Social Security and Pension Reform: International Perspectives
Marek SzczepaƄski and John A. Turner, Editors
Countries around the world are reforming their social security and pension systems. International studies often focus on social security reforms in Europe and North America, and may include Latin America. Reforms, however, are also occurring in Asia and Africa, and include reforms of voluntary and employer-provided pensions as well as social security programs. This book discusses both social security and employer-provided pension reforms, as well as reforms in most regions of the world.
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[The Road through the Rust Belt] The Road through the Rust Belt: From Preeminence to Decline to Prosperity
William M. Bowen, Editor
The chapters in this book explore reasons for the decline of "Rust Belt" cities and the often innovative responses of local leaders and entrepreneurs that are helping to revive these areas.
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[ARRA] The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: The Role of Workforce Programs
Burt S. Barnow and Richard A. Hobbie, Editors
This book examines the nature of the workforce development and UI policy decisions made nationwide in response to the recession, state and local administrators' perspectives on the policy developments and economic challenges, and implementation of key Recovery Act provisions, with a particular focus on workforce development initiatives in the Recovery Act.
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