Marta Lachowska

Marta Lachowska Economist

Marta Lachowska's research currently focuses on three main themes:

  1. how public pensions and unemployment insurance systems affect labor market outcomes and household behavior,
  2. how the economic crisis of 2007–2008 influenced U.S. households, and
  3. evaluation of educational policies.
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Research Focus: The impact of public pension systems on saving and labor supply (with Michal Myck)

In order to answer whether public pension systems have an effect on saving and labor supply decisions, we study Poland’s pension reform of 1999. The reform lowered future pension benefits, but had a different impact on individuals depending on their year of birth. We use this quasi-experimental variation to study the impact of the reform on household saving and labor supply before and after the reform and across individuals affected and unaffected by the reform.

Research Focus: Reexamining the Washington Alternative Work Search Experiment (with Merve Cebi and Stephen A. Woodbury)

We estimate the long-run effects of the Washington Alternative Work Search (WAWS) experiment. Using quarterly administrative data, we follow UI claimants’ employment and earnings over the ten years following the experiment. Previous studies of the WAWS have focused on estimating the intention-to-treat effects. We extend the analysis by examining the short- and long-term outcomes of the participants of the experiment.