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Pages: 355
Year Published: 
$54.00 cloth
ISBN: 978-0-88099-279-4
$22.00 paper
ISBN: 978-0-88099-278-7

Justice on the Job: Perspectives on the Erosion of Collective Bargaining in the United States

Richard N. Block, Sheldon Friedman, Michelle Kaminski, and Andy Levin, Editors

This volume presents an influential group of researchers who examine the current state of workers' freedom to form unions and bargain collectively. All of the researchers present empirical evidence to support their innovative ideas for advancing workers' rights.

"[This book] is clearly written and is accessible to laymen as well as practitioners. The charts and graphs are first-rate, and many could be used as atand-alone handouts in presentation sessions and for working exercises. In summary, this book belongs in the bag of every labor scholar and advocate in the U.S." –Labor Studies Journal

"If you care about the erosion of the middle class, this book is required reading." –David Bonior, chair, American Rights at Work

"[This book] provides a window on how workers can obtain a brighter future through new approaches to unionization." –Edward J. McElroy, president, American Federation of Teachers

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