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The Health and Wealth of a Nation: Employer-Based Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

Nan L. Maxwell

A "Noteworthy Book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics, 2012" – Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University

In this timely new book, Nan L. Maxwell examines the behavior of firms with respect to their provision of health care prior to ACA deliberations and uses those behaviors to forecast changes in employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI) once the ACA is fully implemented. Her analysis focuses on potential changes in the ESI offer due to implementation of the ACA concerning access and quality.

"Because the ACA structures provisions to narrow gaps in the ESI offer, my research can shed light on the extent to which the ACA provisions might change the ESI offer, and whether changes are likely to reduce disparities between low-wage and high-wage workers." –Nan L. Maxwell

Her findings include

  • The ACA will likely influence the behavior of virtually all firms that offered health insurance at the time of its passage.
  • The ACA is unlikely to incentivize small firms to offer health insurance if they did not already offer it when the act was passed.
  • The differences in ESI coverage and quality of the offer made to low-wage and high-wage workers is likely to converge when the ACA is fully implemented.
  • Disparities in the offer of benefits other than health insurance might increase between low-wage and high-wage firms.

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