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ISBN: 978-0-88099-332-6
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A Future of Good Jobs? America's Challenge in the Global Economy

Timothy J Bartik and Susan N. Houseman, Editors

A "Noteworthy Book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics, 2008" –Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University

"A Future of Good Jobs? could hardly be better timed with respect to current trends in the American economy. While most of these trends—widening wage inequality, underemployment of the less educated, increased global competition, and cutbacks in health insurance and retirement coverage—are far from new, it is only recently that policymakers and mainstream economists have come to acknowledge that they are not necessarily self-correcting. The practical, concrete remedies offered in this book are especially welcome in that they are sensitive both to the realities of the U.S. labor force and to the needs and resources of U.S. employers." –Jodie Allen, Senior Editor, Pew Research Center

"Timothy Bartik and Susan Houseman have assembled a first-rate team of economists to assess the problems of struggling workers. They offer cogent analyses of America's workplace problems. More important, they provide a timely set of prescriptions to address those problems. Many writers wring their hands at the challenges facing workers who are at the bottom of the pay ladder. The authors of this volume focus on the more difficult task of crafting humane but tough-minded solutions to the problem of shrinking wages." –Gary Burtless, The Brookings Institution

"Leading policy analysts not only frame the major challenges facing U.S. labor policy in this book, but they provide possible solutions. Growing inequality, declining coverage and generosity of employer-sponsored benefits, soaring health insurance costs, less job security, and a sharp decline in the employment of less educated men are serious problems . . . economic policy analysts, and concerned citizens would do well to study the ideas in this book to prepare for the challenges ahead." –Richard A. Hobbie, Executive Director, National Association of State Workforce Agencies

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