Reining in the Competition for Capital Reining in the Competition for Capital
Ann Markusen, Editor
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215 pp. 2007
$40.00 cloth 978-0-88099-296-1
$18.00 paper 978-0-88099-295-4

This book explores the causes, character, and potential remedies for the growing spatial competition for capital. Its diverse group of contributors present a broad set of workable reforms including: regulation of site consultants; mandated transparency in negotiations, bids, and deals; better structured deals; performance requirements and clawbacks for subsidized firms; and adoption of united economic development budgets.

"I found [this] book very valuable indeed and recommend it highly to a wide range of policymakers, policy analysts, and teachers. Markusen and Upjohn have done a notable service. Some essays, especially the ones by Peter Fisher and Timothy Bartik, would be useful in a course where students are asked to evaluate a proposed incentive package to attract new business." –Growth and Change

"This is a must read for those in local and regional planning who want to understand how they can compete effectively. The book is of tremendous value not only for U.S. economic-development planners, but also for those in Europe and other countries with decentralized fiscal systems. I highly recommend it." –Karen R. Polenske, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Ann Markusen has done it again. [This book] is a provocative, comprehensive collection from an impressive range of experts only Markusen could have assembled. It is ideal for a course in economic development policy and well worth reading for practitioners and political leaders. I know of no other source that provides so much information and perspective on this contentious policy issue." –Andrew M. Isserman, University of Illinois