Licensing Occupations: Ensuring Quality or Restricting Competition? Licensing Occupations: Ensuring Quality or Restricting Competition?
Morris M. Kleiner
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195 pp. 2006
$40.00 cloth 978-0-88099-285-5
$18.00 paper 978-0-88099-284-8

"Morris Kleiner has produced the most thorough evaluation of the effects of occupational licensing in years, perhaps ever. In a rational world, this book would provoke interest by policymakers and the public in reconsidering where occupational licensing is beneficial for society, and where it is beneficial for those lucky enough to be granted licenses but not for society as a whole." –Alan B. Krueger, Princeton University

"If you thought licensing was a boring minor issue in the labor market, this book will make you think again. Kleiner shows that a larger proportion of the workforce is licensed than is in unions, and that licensing raises wages and lowers employment without demonstrably improving the quality of services." –Richard B. Freeman, Harvard University

A "Noteworthy Book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics," 2006, Industrial Relations Section – Princeton University