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Volume 34 · Issue 3 · August 2020

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Table of Contents

Research and Practice Articles

The Effects of Property Tax Abatements on School District Property Tax Bases and Rates, by Daphne Kenyon, Robert Wassmer, Adam Langley, and Bethany Paquin

Economic Development as an Administrative Prerogative: An Event History Analysis of APLU Institutions, by Nathan A. Moore and Rachel A. Burns

Entrepreneurial Orientation, Collaborative Engagement, and Performance: Evidence from Rural Economic Development Organizations, by Brandon Ofem, Bindu Arya, Walter J. Ferrier, and Stephen P. Borgatti

Estimating the Impacts of EDA Public Works Program Investments on County Employment, by Kwideok Han, Brian Whitacre, and Inbae Ji

Forum/Letter to the Editor

Short-Term Versus Long-Term Effects of the Louisville Enterprise Zone Incentives: A Response to Sumei Zhang, by  Thomas E. Lambert

Do Research Methods Matter in Enterprise Zone Outcome Evaluations? A Response to Thomas Lambert, by Sumei Zhang