Table 1  Claims and “Unemployment Rates” by Occupation, Week Ending March 21

Occupational groupUI ClaimsClaims/
hourly wage
Personal Appearance Workers7,7310.628$14.26
Other Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occs.3710.269$38.56
Other Food Preparation and Serving Related Workers5,1150.251$11.78
Forest, Conservation, and Logging Workers830.208$19.98
Other Healthcare Support Occs.4,3150.174$20.97
Cooks and Food Preparation Workers8,5500.168$14.42
Food and Beverage Serving Workers25,6090.166$11.67
Media and Communication Equipment Workers4520.155$22.60
Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Worker2,5330.134$18.22
Other Sales and Related Workers9020.117$20.53