Announcing the winner and honorable mentions of the 2020 Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award

The Upjohn Institute announces the winner and honorable mentions of its 2020 Dissertation Award. They are


Claire Montialoux, ENSAE Paris Tech-CREST Polytechnique. "Essays on the Redistributive Effects of the Minimum Wage." Advisor: Bruno Crépon.

Honorable Mentions

Jonas Cederlöf, Uppsala University. "Jobs Loss: Consequences and Labor Market Policy." Advisor: Peter Fredriksson.

John Grigsby, University of Chicago. "Skill Heterogeneity and Aggregate Labor Market Dynamics." Advisor: Erik Hurst.

Details on how to apply for the 2021 Dissertation Award will be announced here soon. Summaries of all prior years' award-winning summaries are available here. This year's award winners will be posted there shortly.

Date: October 1, 2020