Economic Development Benefits
of Preschool Expansion in Kalamazoo County

Upjohn Institute Working Paper 09-147

Timothy J. Bartik, Senior Economist
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

July 24, 2008

JEL Classification Codes: R58, I21, J24

This paper examines the effects of preschool expansion in Kalamazoo County on the county’s economic development. Effects on the county’s economic development are defined as effects on the employment and earnings of county residents. The estimated effects are found to be large relative to the costs. In addition to their relevance to Kalamazoo County, these simulations illustrate how the analysis presented in two previous papers (Bartik 2006, 2008) can be done for an individual county or metropolitan area. Such simulations may be of interest to other counties or metropolitan areas that are considering expansions in early childhood programs.

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