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Human Resource Economics and Public Policy: Essays in Honor of Vernon M. Briggs Jr.

Charles J. Whalen, Editor

Moved by the sight of jobless workers lined up for blocks outside a Detroit employment office, in the summer of 1958, Vernon Briggs resolved to become a labor economist. A half-century later, his contributions to the discipline serve as a model of scholarship aimed at achieving a more humane economy.

This book pays tribute to Briggs and his enduring mark on the study of human resources. The chapters, by his students and colleagues, explore and extend Briggs's work on employment, education and training, immigration, and local labor markets. His unwavering emphasis on institutional reality, public policy, and economic dynamics animates the entire collection.

Students and scholars of economics, public policy, and workforce development will find this volume of particular interest, as will a wider audience of policymakers and citizens interested in the national economic well-being. In fact, the need for societal attention to human resources may never have been greater than at present.

"This marvelous book is not simply a festschrift in honor of one of the finest human resource economists on the planet, but a spectacular set of well-researched essays by leading social scientists reminding us of the great debate over the causes of unemployment and inequality in U.S. labor markets that first took place in the early 1960s. This volume's first-rate analysis of structural unemployment, training, immigration policy, and the economics of disability should not be missed." –Barry Bluestone, Dean, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University

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