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Globalization and International Development: Critical Issues of the 21st Century

Sisay Asefa, Editor

These papers address globalization issues with a special emphasis on its impact on poverty. In general, the contributors recommend expanding the flows between countries to accelerate growth and reduce inequalities. These flows include international trade and capital, migration, remittances, and foreign aid. But in addition to these hard commodities and dollars, there are flows of ideas, knowledge, and technical assistance which require enforcement of appropriate intellectual property rights.

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"Globalization impacts the world's nations in a variety of ways. Among the most important of these impacts is the effect it has on poverty. Despite great advances allowing nearly instantaneous flows of data and telecommunications, and the fact that, for some, globalization serves as a means for obtaining freedom, wealth, and prosperity, disproportionate international distributions of wealth and income remains a serious and potentially unsettling social issue.

Sisay Asefa presents a group of notable scholars who examine the relationship between globalization and poverty from a number of diverse perspectives. Yet despite this variety of views, the authors find common ground in that each sees benefits (particularly, accelerating growth and reducing inequality) from facilitating and expanding flows of international trade and capital, migration, remittances, and foreign aid between nations.

This collection is based on papers presented at the 2007–2008 Werner Sichel LectureSeminar Series held at Western Michigan University. "

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