Regional Collaboration


Local workforce administrators, economic development officials, educational leaders, and others interested in regional economic performance and employment have increasingly initiated regional collaborative efforts to bring resources and expertise together to address issues that may be inhibiting growth or career progression. Partnerships have taken several forms and have been initiated by states and national governments in the United States and Europe. For instance, the United States Department of Labor initiated Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) in 2006. The Upjohn Institute has evaluated several programs and partnerships and has compared international efforts in forming and sustaining regional partnerships and coordination.


  • Are regional collaborations effective?
  • What are the costs and benefits of regional collaborations?
  • What can be learned from comparing experiences with regional collaborations across countries?
  • What contextual elements in a region facilitate the formation of regional collaborations?
  • What are the barriers to forming meaningful regional partnerships?

Selected Institute Research

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Nancy Hewat, Public Policy Associates
and Others
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An Evaluation of Michigan Regional Skills Alliances (MiRSAs)
Kevin Hollenbeck, Upjohn Institute
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Technical Report, August 2006

More Institute Research about Regional Collaboration

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