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The development and encouragement of entrepreneurship has gained more attention as an important ingredient in a region’s economic development and workforce development strategies. This increased focus is not limited to the self-employed; “intrepreneurship”—entrepreneurial activity inside existing firms—is also being stressed as important. Clearly, entrepreneurial skills are needed to take risks, innovate, and bring new products and services to market. What is unclear is how public policy can help encourage entrepreneurial activity in new and existing firms. Moreover, the success rate for new firms is not high and most successful start-ups stay small and serve only the local economy and do not bring new economic activity into the area.


  • Should workforce employment policy encourage entrepreneurship and for whom?
  • What is an appropriate role for public investment in stimulating innovation and new product development?
  • What are the components of an effective entrepreneurship training program?
  • Is self-employment a viable means for low-skilled individuals to achieve sustainable careers?

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