Imagining the Ideal Pension System: International Perspectives Imagining the Ideal Pension System: International Perspectives
Dana M. Muir and John A. Turner, Editors
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293 pp. 2011
$40.00 cloth 9780880993821
$20.00 paper 9780880993814

Muir and Turner gather an international roster of pension experts who present what they think would be the ideal pension systems for their countries and why. Those countries include the United States, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Poland, and Japan.

Included are:
  • Constructing the Ideal Pension System: The Visions of Ten Country Experts, Dana M. Muir and John A. Turner
  • Imagining the Ideal U.S. Pension System, John A. Turner and Dana M. Muir
  • Imagining the Ideal UK Pension System, Bryn Davies
  • Public and Private provision of Pensions and the Ideal Pension System for Ireland, Gerard Hughes and Jim Stewart
  • The Optimal Pension System: Is Denmark Best?, Finn Østrup
  • German Private Pension Law: Current State and Future Directions, Markus Roth
  • The Ideal Pension System for Belgium, Kim De Witte
  • Toward the Ideal Pension system for France, Lucy apRoberts and Pierre Concialdi
  • Aging in the Shadow of the Three Pillars: A Generation of Pension Debates in Switzerland (1972–2010), Matthieu Leimgruber
  • The Role of Occupational Pension Plans in an Optimal Polish Pension System, Marek SzczepaƄski
  • How to Establish a Better Corporate Pension System in Japan, Noriyasu Watanabe