Advances in Economic Forecasting Advances in Economic Forecasting
Matthew L. Higgins, Editor
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185 pp. 2011
$40.00 cloth 9780880993845
$15.00 paper 9780880993838

This book's contributors assess the performance of economic forecasting methods, argue that data can be better exploited through model and forecast combination, and advocate for models that are adaptive and perform well in the presence of nonlinearity and structural change. The contributors are: Michael D. Bradley, Dean Croshure, Dennis W. Jansen, Kajal Lahiri, Tae-Hwy Lee, David E. Rapach, and H.O. Stekler.

"The book is quite interesting for both practitioners and researchers and offers a thorough overview of some of the advances in economic forecasting over the last 20 years."–Economic Development Quarterly