Noteworthy Books

Each year, Princeton University's Industrial Relations Section publishes its list of "Noteworthy Books in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics." The following is a list of Institute books earning this honorable designation.


Stages of Occupational Regulation: Analysis of Case Studies, Morris M. Kleiner


The Health and Wealth of A Nation: Employer-Based Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act, Nan L. Maxwell

Reconnecting to Work: Policies to Mitigate Long-Term Unemployment and Its Consequences, Lauren D. Appelbaum, Ed.


Solving the Reemployment Puzzle: From Research to Policy, Stephen A. Wandner
This book is also the winner of the Richard A. Lester Prize

Mothers' Work and Children's Lives: Low-Income Families after Welfare Reform, Rucker C. Johnson, Ariel Kalil, and Rachel E. Dunifon


A Future of Good Jobs? American's Challenge in the Global Economy, Timothy J. Bartik and Susan N. Houseman, Eds.


Do Community Colleges Respond to Local Needs? Evidence from California, Duane E. Leigh and Andrew M. Gill


Licensing Occupations: Ensuring Quality or Restricting Competition? Morris M. Kleiner


Workplace Injuries and Diseases: Prevention and Compensation—Essays in Honor of Terry Thomason, Karen Roberts, John F. Burton Jr., and Matthew M. Bodah, Eds.


International Trade and Labor Markets: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications, Carl Davidson and Steven J. Matusz

Job Training Policy in the United States, Christopher J. O'Leary, Robert A. Straits, and Stephen A. Wandner, Eds.

Workplace Justice without Unions, Hoyt N. Wheeler, Brian S. Klaas, and Douglas M. Mahony


Human Capital in the United States from 1975 to 2000: Patterns of Growth and Utilization, Robert H. Haveman, Andrew Bershadker, and Jonathan A. Schwabish


Targeting Employment Services, Randall W. Eberts, Christopher J. O'Leary, and Stephen A. Wandner, Eds.

Helping Working Families: The Earned Income Tax Credit, Saul D. Hoffman and Laurence S. Seidman

Imports, Exports, and Jobs: What Does Trade Mean for Employment and Job Loss?, Lori G. Kletzer

How New is the "New Employment Contract?" Evidence from North American Pay Practices , David I. Levine, Dale Belman, Gary Charness, Erica L. Groshen, and K.C. O'Shaughnessy


Working time in Comparative Perspective: Vols. I and II, Ging Wong and Garnet Picot, Eds. (Vol. I) and Susan Houseman and Alice Nakamura, Eds. (Vol. II)

Workers' Compensation: Benefits, Costs, and Safety under Alternative Insurance Arrangements, Terry Thomason, Timothy P. Schmidle, and John F. Burton Jr.


Rising Wage Inequality: The 1980s Experience in Urban Labor Markets Thomas Hyclak


On-the-Job Training, John M. Barron, Mark C. Berger, and Dan A. Black


Workdays, Workhours, and Work Schedules: Evidence for the United States and Germany, Daniel S. Hamermesh

Of Heart and Mind: Social Policy Essays in Honor of Sar A. Levitan, Garth Mangum and Stephen Mangum, Eds.


Profit Sharing: Does It Make a Difference?, Douglas L. Kruse

The Costs of Worker Dislocation, Louis S. Jacobson, Robert J. LaLonde, and Daniel G. Sullivan


Back to Work: Testing Reemployment Services for Displaced Workers, Howard S. Bloom

The Economics of Comparable Worth, Mark R. Killingsworth

Passing the Torch: The Influence of Economic Incentives on Work and Retirement, Joseph F. Quinn, Richard V. Burkhauser, and Daniel A. Myers


Strikers and Subsidies: The Influence of Government Trnasfer Programs on Strike Activity, Robert M. Hutchens, David B. Lipsky, and Robert N. Stern

Organized Labor at the Crrossroads, Wei-Chiao Huang, Ed.


Illegal Aliens: Their Employment and Employers, Barry R. Chiswick


Worker Participation in American Unions: Threat or Opportunity, Thomas A. Kochan, Harry C. Katz, and Nancy R. Mower

Youth and the Labor Market: Analyses of the National Longitudinal Survey, Michael E. Borus