About the Upjohn Institute Press

Integral to the Institute's mission is the dissemination of research findings that stem from work produced both by Institute researchers and by scholars from outside the Institute. The Institute's publications program helps accomplish this by producing books that offer rigorous yet accessible exploration of topical, policy-relevant issues.

The first monograph published by the Institute, Full Employment in Your Community, appeared in 1947. Since then some 225 books on a wide variety of labor-related issues have been published. To date, 26 of these books have been recognized by Princeton University's Industrial Relations Section as being "Noteworthy Books in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations," one of the highest honors attainable for books on such topics.

It is this focus on producing the highest-quality, policy-relevant books that makes the Upjohn Press notable and distinct among our cadre of publishers. Our "full-service" approach, where we handle all the facets of the editing and production process—from peer review through indexing and cover design—allows authors the freedom to focus exclusively on their subject matter.

The Institute also publishes a quarterly newsletter titled Employment Research, and a quarterly review titled Business Outlook for West Michigan. The former highlights recent research carried out by Institute staff, grantees, and authors, while the latter offers commentary and data on current economic conditions and near-term forecasts for the west Michigan economy.

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