Michelle Miller-Adams

Michelle Miller-Adams Research Fellow
Miller-Adams is an author, professor, and consultant with over 20 years of professional experience in non-profit management, community asset-building and economic development. Her research on the Kalamazoo Promise resulted in the first comprehensive book on the topic, titled The Power of a Promise: Education and Economic Renewal in Kalamazoo, (2009). She speaks with local and national media on the topic, and consults with communities around the nation engaged in establishing similar programs. Brief Bio        Full CV


Research Focus: Kalamazoo


Dr. Michelle Miller-Adams is engaged in research about the Kalamazoo Promise. The key issues she is addressing are
  1. Whether universal programs such as the Kalamazoo Promise are uniquely able to catalyze broad community transformation.
  2. The impact the Kalamazoo Promise has on inequality in educational outcomes.
  3. The contributions place-based programs such as the Kalamazoo Promise can make to local economic development.
These questions are currently being explored in working papers and conference presentations, with a subsequent book in the planning stage.

Dr. Miller-Adams also tracks the emergence of universal, place-based scholarship programs in other communities. She consults with community leaders seeking to create such programs and, with her colleagues, carries out impact and feasibility studies for these communities. She speaks with national and local media, and works with the leaders of statewide initiatives, including Promise Zones and the Michigan College Access Network. She is an active participant in PromiseNet, making contact with other researchers around the country to share information and best practices. Find out more about the Kalamazoo Promise Program