2017 Early Career Research Award (ECRA) Winners

  • Firms and Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Brazil, Felipe Benguria, University of Kentucky
  • When Single Mothers Return to Work: Evaluating the Long-Term Impacts of Welfare Reform on Children, Tanya Byker, Middlebury College
  • SNAP Participation and Labor Supply Decisions: Evidence from Exogenous Changes in Transaction Costs to Program Participants, Pablo A. Celhay, Ponitificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • The Long-Term Effects of Labor Market Entry in a Recession: Evidence from the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis, Eleanor Jawon Choi, Hanyang University and Hyelim Son, University of Seoul
  • ProPelled: The Effects of Grants on Graduation and Earnings, Jeff Denning, Brigham Young University
  • The Effect of Food Stamps on Adult Labor Supply and Health Outcomes, Chloe East, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Establishment-Level Determinants of Job Quality and Wage Inequality, Eliza C. Forsythe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Full-Day Kindergarten Expansions and Maternal Employment, Chloe R. Gibbs, University of Notre Dame
  • The Spillover Effects of Top Income Inequality, Joshua Gottlieb, University of British Columbia
  • Worksite Wellness: A Field Experiment on Participation Incentives and Selection into Worksite Wellness Programs, David Molitor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • The Role of Treatment Innovations and Employer Accommodations in Reducing Negative Labor Market Effects Among Cancer Patients, Vincent R. Pohl, University of Georgia
  • How Do Firms Respond to a Minimum Wage Hike? Ekaterina Roshchina, University of Washington
  • Labor Market Discrimination Against Homosexuals, Miguel Sarzosa, Purdue University
  • Untethering from Industry Decline: Occupation-Specific Human Capital and Labor Mobility, Daniel Tannenbaum, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • U.S. Sick Pay Mandates and Their Impact on Coverage Rates, Labor Costs, Wages, and Employment, Nicolas Ziebarth, Cornell University and Stefan Pichler, KOF Swiss Economic Institute

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